Beginning with the breath of nature

Living with the nature is like living with hope.
The law of Mother Nature that cosistantly change is more greatful because of that.
Fg beauty started within the nature. Even during the times and environments that changes every single second, the clear, innocent skin will never change

Meeting with mysterious plant call opuntia cactus

Everything started with a thought of that the good products are always made of natural ingredients with great vital power. Then we finally found a mysterious medical plant that survives even in the extream cold wheather -30~-50 degrees

Collecting ingredients from our own farm

The opuntia cactus we collect from our own farm that made into extract with our independent technology will keep protect To maintain your bright, healthy skin.

Our independent technology with nature

FG Beauty’s products provide excellent moisture by increasing the amount of water molecules absorbed by the skin with our technology to reduce surface tension of water molecules, as well as improve whitening and wrinkling. Meet the products of Fg Beauty, born as a glorious gift from nature that transcends the boundaries of beauty.


Opuntia cactus,
the traditional Korean folk medicine that
take charge of the beauty of the world


“the opuntia cactus my mother used to
stick to me when I was sunburned or burned by the fire.
So I thought I had to make products out of it after
experiencing the effect of it.”


Back in my old days
In my childhood, almost every house had opuntia cactus. Even if you were sunburned, burned, bitten by a bug, or injured, if you cut off the leaf and paste it on your wound, Suprisingly the burnt skin would soon turn white, and the wound would not get infected and would soon heal. Even for various illnesses such as stomachaches and constipation, opuntia cactus was a cure-all. At first, I opened a small farm in Goheung, South Jeolla Province to eat with my family. But it was not a hard work at all, because of its strong vitality, it was a wild farm growing on its own, with the sea breeze and snow flurries.



Based on my experience it doesn’t freeze at -30-40 degrees. Also it does not die in the temperature of 50~60 degrees During winter, they drain themselves dry but alive. However, in spring they save water itself and new leaves grow again on top of it in size.



A farmer meets a scientist
Many years later, I happened to meet with a professor of Yonsei University who had studied dermatology for 15 years. And I realized a lot by comparing my childhood experiences with my objective research on the scientific work and thought,
it must be made into cosmetics. “The world needs to know the power of the opuntia cactus” As we were looking for ways, as fate would have it, we worked together on the technology to extract in a low-temperature pressure by Professor Jin Byung-seok of Dongduk Women’s University. Finally, we set up a manufacturing factory next to our farm. In order to deliver the benefits of it to our skin, we finally developed into our cosmetics of Fg beauty.


Meticulous studies, Numerous experiences

Experience the incredible rejuvenation and nutrient
moisturization that has been created by repeated
research experiences for the best product made of
great natural ingredients


3 promises

from a FG Beauty

Here are three commitments made by FG Beauty.
With natural ingredients, we promise you the best
quality with our unique technology.




Opuntia cactus


Opuntia cactus

Through the entire opuntia cactus that suvives in the area with extreme temperature changes, we only use those grew with strong see breeze from coastal area. It is more effective and richer in nutrition than cactus in other areas.
Contains various nutrients that are important to human body. Such as phenolic substances, flavonoids, dietary fiber, vitamin C, calcium, minerals and amino acid compounds etc.

Comparing opuntia cactus with aloe vera